About us

About Us

Busafari is an online bus ticket engaging platform, founded in 2018 from scratch by a bunch group of young fellows aging late 20's from development to deployment, from dealing with bus operators to passengers, it's been a tough journey working with various people across the domain and to come out with flying colors. Though set up as a bootstrapped firm, we do not want to compromise our customers. We do not want to be overpriced wanted to cut down the huge hidden costs and help our customers to lead a safe and cheap trip.

Why Busafari?

Busafari is an online bus ticket engaging platform, founded by a young group belonging to TN. We, at Busafari, all are at late 20's aiming for the big success. We had done our graduation away from our hometown and always had the problem of booking a bus ticket. It used to be long distance to the bus stand or any other bus agents to book a ticket for us. We always wanted to solve this problem for today's generation. As most of the people involve in traveling from their hometown to office or colleges, this became our favorable business. We wanted to get our hands in dirty with business. So, we started developing a bus ticketing platform that connects passengers to the bus operators. Being a bootstrapped firm, it's very cumbersome to build a team from back end bus operators to customer service delivery.

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